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Useful hints - good to know!
  • 1. One unit is meant to be 1 mm in the real world. 10 are 1 cm. 100 are 10 cm. 1000 are 1 m. With this in mind, you can work out your project in a "normalized" fashion. You could introduce your model within a 1000x1000 space - like 1 cubic meter. And than just multiply the values with 2.5 to get a 2,5 meter model. (Or *0.5 to get just 0,5 meter out of it.) Or if you like to work more miniature, do things in the 1x1x1 mm area with values between 0.0 and 1.0 and then multiply it big from there.

    2. You can use all libraries that are available for Lua - this means... Don't hesitate to experiment with 2D-vectors, triangulation and all the other good methods to get 2d-coordinates!

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