LuaCrumbs is currently in ALPHA - some work on the core still to be made before opening BETA. Status and downloads at:
The e-mail service is up and running. People can register now! (Notice: Sometimes the mail-delivery is delayed for some minutes..)
LuaCrumbs Design Goals
  • Here are some thoughts about the approach and the design-goals of LuaCrumbs. Still very work in progress, but maybe important to understand the project better.

    1. Make the core most minimal in its design in order to easily apply it to new areas of operation (i.e. gcode, html5, postscript etc…).
    2. Make the library itself easy to extend.
    3. Let the project allow to evolve.
    4. Try to enable work directly on the machines – try to cut down toolchains as much as possible.
    5. Try to add complexity to the framework, but not to the wrapper class (see 1., right now only lines and circles are supported).

    Why lua? Lua is open source, easy to add upon, well documentated and simply compiles and runs on every possible piece of technology: from PC / Mac to even iOS, Android and Arduino!

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